Google Drive 的2GB空间奖励发放了

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Thank you for successfully completing your Security Checkup between 10 February and 17 February 2015. Not only did you improve your account security, you have also received a 2GB bump in Google Drive storage. This permanent upgrade has already been processed and is reflected on your storage settings page, where you can review your usage and purchase more storage space should you need it.

Don't forget to take the checkup periodically or anytime your account changes, like when you get a new phone or replace an old laptop. For more tips and tools to improve your security online, visit the Google Safety Center.



然后到Google Drive的储存空间设置页面,去确认了一下空间,的确是17GB了,因为免费计划是15GB的空间。

google-drive-settings.jpgGoogle Drive 是除了Dropbox 之外用的第二优先的云储存。

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