* The Schema Version is now updated to 4.00071, which was omitted in 4.26. This change will only affect users who have already upgraded to Movable Type 4.26, not those on 4.25 and below. The schema change adds indexes to several tables.

* A typo in a 4.26 commit where a user clicks the Cancel button on the Display Options flyout did not necessarily cancel the user's actions; the 4.261 fix corrects this behavior.

* Fixed the Schwartz error exposed as a result of a previous 4.26 commit: 'Can't call method
"registry" on an undefined value at lib/MT/ line 558 during global destruction'.



具体而言,就是使用了CSS sprites技术,把若干小图片整合到一张图片上,然后用CSS控制其显示,这种做法可以减少http请求,比如10张图片,合并到一张图片,就减少了九次http请求。节省了页面载入时间,用户感觉速度快了。